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Want cost-effective solutions or the big ideas?

HI Powered

Even AI, needs an Human Intelligence. Our TechnoCrat team is capable of handling all your queries. All our campaigns are like never before.

Result Oriented

Money or Brand if you can do it once, you should be able to every time. Same with us. Don’t worry if you have failed many times. 

120+ Clients

Numbers don’t lie and neither do we want to brag but just in case you wanna know about our clientele, its 120 and counting. Struggling entrepreneur, shining start up or top conglomerate, we have the game for all of you.

Advanced Integration

Right from Payment Gateways to Shipping Methods, we don’t just do the frills. We tailor the entire fabric of plugins for your needs.

Gateway to Nxt Level

Yes, you have come to Digital Marketing for us but don’t be surprised if our SWOT team gives you the next big idea for your biz or find that jinx to boost your Return On Investment.

Easy Transition

Yup, we understand things change and we wish it is for the better. In  case you need to move on or have other ideas, we help in a complete smooth easy transistion right from the access to paperwork and any pending works.

One stop shop

Yes, straight to the point. You name it in Digital Marketing, we do it for you or atleast get it done for you. Still doubt us, we are ready for the dare.

Xtreme Support

It’s simple, you grow, we grow. So be it your chats, queries, calls and brickbats. We always love to have cuppa with our clients or prospective customers. Psss…secret we have bad habit of our ex-clients coming back to us.

We still have a lot to offer. Start by asking a few question about our Offerings.

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Here's what we Offer...

Web Dev & Design

We build stunning, user-friendly websites that convert visitors into clients for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing ignites brand conversations, drives traffic, and builds communities on popular online platforms.

Digital Strategy

We craft data-driven digital roadmaps to boost your online presence and achieve marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Unlock your brand’s potential with expert digital advice. We craft customized strategies to fuel your online growth.


We help you Build a powerful brand. Craft a unique voice & connect with your audience.


We build thriving online stores. Seamless shopping experiences for your customers.

Content Writing

Compelling content that converts. We craft engaging stories to captivate your audience.


Dominate the search results. Our SEO experts boost website traffic and leads.


Skyrocket the traffic. Targeted ads put your brand in front of ideal customers.

Influencer Marketing

Leverage social stars to amplify your brand. Drive engagement and sales with influencer marketing.

Content Marketing

Craft engaging content that attracts, educates, and converts your target audience.

E mail Marketing

Build relationships, drive sales, and grow your business with our powerful email marketing service.

Lead Generation

Unlock hidden connections: Our Digital marketing experts analyzes data to reveal deeper insights to find your customers.

WhatsApp Marketing

Connect directly with customers. Drive sales through personalized WhatsApp marketing.


Drive targeted traffic. Pay only when they click. Grow sales with our PPC ads.

Facebook / Meta Ads

Extend your reach with Facebook Ads for every business.

Google Ads

Reach new customers. Get seen on Google searches & grow your business.

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Next-gen IT/AI solutions

Be The Future 

AI-driven Websites

  • Social Networking Site
  • Blogging Platforms 
  • Admin Dashboards   
  • Job Portals












Social Media





Meet the future Now!

Start catching  SEOCOMPETITORINSIGHT trends

Monitor user


Tack a wide range of data points, including traffic, user behavior, sales revenue, and control user access.

Access valuable insights into customer behavior, identify areas for improvement, manage support requests and make data-driven decisions to optimize your services.

Genesis to revelation

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We help you produce, co-produce or create everything for you.

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Google Ads

Can’t see your favorite platform? Call us!


Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer

Standard Vanilla Plan

Pro One Time paid plan



Pay as you go Digital Marketing plans


Your Business. You know the Value. Just pay once for Lifetime Digital Marketing.


Contact us For Custom Plans tailored to Your business. Don't Pay Us. We'll share the Profits

On-Demand Pricing
Single Payment
Zero Service Charge

Fixed Time Validity
Life Time Validity
Refund on spends from Profits made

No Hidden Charges
Bang for the Buck!
You fix the Profit we deserve

We know its hard

To Control the Temptation

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10,000 words of AI text usage per month, basic content optimization, no personalization.

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Limited 25

Ai text usage 300 Words


Free Trial



200,000 words of AI text usage per month, expert content optimization, and personalization.

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Limited 50

Ai text usage 4000 Words

Support Limited

Money Back Guarantee



Contact us For Custom Plans tailored to Your business

Volume Based Pricing
API Access

Templates Unlimited

Ai text usage Unlimited

Support Priority Support

Contact us for Custom Plan


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Create a website in 24 hours

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Online Reputation Management under 72 hours or do not pay

SWOT by our SWAT team

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Make me a Logo in 100 hours

SEO Results faster than search engines

Priority Digital marketing
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